Who Do These Guys Think They Are?

The presence of Sir Charles Hambro in the BACC is most significant for our purposes here. The SOE itself was shuttered in early 1946 and the formation of the BACC shortly beforehand may have been designed to preserve the assets of the SOE. In The Skorzeny Papers, Ralph P. Ganis compellingly argues that that both the BACC and the WCC were involved in Operation Safehaven, a joint US-UK project launched in 1944 to recover hidden Nazi assets. The chief figure behind the BACC in turn appears to be the above-mentioned William Stephenson, the legendary British-Canadian spymaster. The great Peter Dale Scott noted that “Nazi money, laundered by Allen Dulles and Sir William Stephenson through the WCC” (American War Machine, pg. Reportedly it was Stephenson who recommended his close friend William “Wild Bill” Donovan to FDR as a potential head of American intelligence efforts. As far as this series is concerned, I would like to explore the potential origins the Cercle complex has in what is commonly referred to as Operation Gladio.

As the years wore on, the Cercle complex became increasingly disillusioned with the policies being pursued by the Bilderberg clique, especially that of detente. Le Cercle began as an offshoot of the infamous Bilderberg group in the 1952-1953 period. I’ve already dealt with Le Cercle at length during a prior series, so I shall only provide the briefest outline here. Preface: unless otherwise noted, the bugs discussed here were found via fuzzing by Will Dormann of CERT — and my involvement was to fix them. However, in the list of protocol, the CDS will be higher up than the service chiefs. When it comes to finding a relevant security service provider, many factors must be taken into consideration in making a fruitful investment. The data on your eCommerce store is your property and you must not surely have blind faith on your hosting service provider to ensure that regular backup is maintained.

You have just allowed them to bypass the Firebox and get to the Internet without inspection. Amateur radio operators can send email to each other without the use of the Internet. Unfortunately for Brennan and the Clap, despite the numerous high level post they’ve held over the years, they do not seem to be as well versed in the dark arts as the empire’s field operators. And here Brennan and Clapper are in an all out war with the Trump regime while Boykin remains close to Keith Kellogg, whom he has known for 35 years. Everyone has these false misconceptions that it is the locals who are out to get their belongings, but the sad reality is the biggest threat is from your fellow travellers. And then there was Henry Sporborg, a Deputy Head of the Special Operations Executive who went to work for Hambros Bank in the postwar years.

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Many of those affected will contact SSA Field Offices with questions and for assistance in helping them determine the correct premium to pay. Tractors, field equipment and even hay can be targets for thieves if they know they have plenty of time. Much more information on this topic can be found here. And even more interesting is the fact that several crucial members of Special Council Robert Mueller’s staff also had ample dealings with Sater over the years. Even before the Chinese Revolution, the KMT enjoyed enormous influence in the United States. In the aftermath of the Chinese Revolution, Wild Bill Donovan would become a crucial backer of the disposed Kuomintang (KMT) regime. These Nationalist Chinese would go on to take possession of Formosa, becoming the ruling political party there for decades and effectively turning it into an Apartheid country in the process. As Jeremy Scahill reports in Dirty Wars, a staunch opponent of this process had been John O. Brennan. Indeed, Brennan and Clapper appear to have been at the forefront to reverse Bush II era intelligence reforms that Boykin had played a key role in launching.