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Design: One Question You do not Wish to Ask Anymore

Service design focuses on how the restaurant operates and delivers the food it promises-from sourcing and receiving ingredients, to on-boarding new chefs, to server-chef communication relating to a diner’s allergies. Due to that, designers usually have schooling and expertise in

Betting Game Question: Does Size Matter?

1. Subject to Rule 10, these Sports activities Betting Game Guidelines (Basic) shall apply to every Bet Event together with the Sports Betting Game Rules (Outlet Betting) and Sports activities Betting Game Guidelines (Distant Betting) (because the case could also

This Is A More Difficult Question

I watched two of my Foundstone coworkers brief scenarios based on cases we’ve worked during the last few years. The Melissa and the ILoveYou attacks were the last. My last recommendation is to limit what you store in email. Last,

Social Security Income Question

Starting in the mid-1970s, bank investigators say, these accounts show that tens of millions of dollars were being transferred between CIA operational accounts and accounts controlled by Saudi companies and the Saudi embassy itself. It was during this time period