Open-ended questionnaires are among the easiest ways to hear what your customers or clients think or feel. So instead you have to think about your subject and find a way to connect with your audience – the very people who ARE going to be interested in a book on saving money. It works out to about 127 sales; then you have to think about your conversion rate, which simply means how many people that come to your website that are converted into buyers. Remember that you are using social media, this will allow you to contact and get to know your buyers in a personal level. If you have you’ll be delighted to know that this applies to the social networking sites as well. They’ll be grateful for it, and they’ll be glad that they’re getting something for nothing as well. The better you can connect with your ideal market and develop a relationship with it, the better your results will be. Don’t overdo it, but the odd keyword slipped in here and there won’t do anyone any harm – least of all you.

As users of the new IPhone 4S already know, Siri, the Voice activated assistant is here now but is only the beginning. What you can do here is to dangle a carrot in front of them. I can almost guarantee that after a while you will see a regular stream of traffic coming from your social networking efforts. And of course, if you got some useful information from someone you found on a social networking site, you’d bookmark them or start following them wouldn’t you? You will normally find that a proportion of the people you start following will check out your profile and start following you in return. Quite apart from the fact that people just wouldn’t be interested and would see it for what it is – an out and out advert – you might get problems from the networking sites themselves. For example, you might describe yourself as an eBook writer who specializes in books about saving money.

For example, just by changing a headline on some copy on a website page you can increase conversions on your website, and by adding your contact details above the fold of your website you can increase conversions too. Organizations use advanced channels, for example, Google look, online life, email, and their sites to interface with their present and planned clients. This is why you need to work on your website and its content first in order to provide the right impression to the potential clients. Keep an eye on your website stats as you start to make inroads into this type of marketing. 6 Lack support/consistent up-dated knowledge from trusted marketing friends. You can say that Social Media Marketing has a brilliant future. The last thing you would do is to go on MySpace, Facebook or any other social networking site and try to sell it direct. The same goes for any comments you add to your profile, or entries you add to your blog in the case of MySpace, or tweets you make in the case of Twitter.

Starting a blog is another great way to make sure that your internet marketing is effective. We’ve structured it around our RACE planning framework covering 30 categories of digital marketing tools that every business that is serious about improving digital marketing needs. The best turnkey businesses provide minimal risks, for the business is already running, or set up with much planning and foresight. But to do that you need to attract attention – and sometimes the best way to do that is to become interested in other people. Video Marketing Is The Rising Star: Without any doubt, one good video can lead a massive social following because of people likely to watch a video instead of reading a page of text. Your main focus is to generate a large following of people who will be interested in what you have to sell. Start by looking for people who have the same interest as you (or at least the same interest that ‘the business person you’ has!). But you don’t promote it by telling people how fabulous your book is.