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If the US establishment is unsuccessful in removing Donald Trump with the “ReCount Election” and he still doesn’t play ball with them after they have exhausted all their political tricks including impeachment, then they will try to assassinate him. Then think about all the violence that the police have gotten away with over these past 15 years, the MSM silence of it…or how about the current war being waged on Native American’s at Standing Rock North Dakota right now? This scenario leads to civil unrest and could prove to be worse than the dirty politics approach because in death, Trump would become an American martyr and a rally cry for millions of really pissed off American’s. Standing Rock should be a wake up call to millions of American’s this Thanksgiving weekend…what do you think they will do to protesters if they overturn the 2016 US Presidential election results? Now adding fire to the anti-trump protests, we have the challenge by Jill Stein of the Green Party and Clinton Supporters to recount the ballots in three swing states that could possibly overturn the election in Clinton’s favour.

Anti-Trump protests, organized or hijacked by the George Soros funded “Move On” group, were quickly put in motion and broadcast over US television. You also talk about George Kavassilas’s view of 2012 being the beginning of a Golden Age. Reports of African slaves being auctioned in Libya and the true ongoing horrors of immigrants drowning trying to escape Africa for EU countries has outraged the world. See if this short poem rings true with you, and if it does, share it. Search engines take note when people share your content. Using this tool, you can send Facebook a detailed description of a bullying incident so that they can take disciplinary action. Companies can design products and bring them to market in record time using new modeling technologies. The same can be said about internal affairs since most of the time they just ignore what the people want unless it’s what the establishment convinced the people to want.

It’s one thing to challenge the validity of a papertrailess election system before the election but it’s another thing altogether when one asks for a vote count 15 days after the election is over. Future technology these days not concentrated only on the benefit of humans. One could easily come to the conclusion that the recount move targeting these 3 specific states 2 weeks after the election and just days away from the deadline, was a carefully planned political operation. Jill Stein’s recount move seems more like an establishment operation to put their candidate Hillary Clinton in power through the back door. I don’t think this calculated move was drawn up by Stein, even though she’s a very smart person. If possible, have someone who knows the person act as an intermediate and make the initial introduction (this can work wonders). Another suggestion is to make double-sided protest signs. US would immediately find itself knee deep in mass protest which would threaten to tear the social fabric of the American community apart.

The current US foreign Policy has brought the entire global community to the point of confrontation with Russia. Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential election, and so, for a little while, we have escaped the real prospect of World War III with Russia. I’m sure he wanted to see a little payback for his investment in a Hillary victory. Jesus was waving directly towards the little spider that had saved him and his family from certain death. But what becomes extremely concerning is when computer experts and lawyers suggest Clinton demand a recount in 3 swing states that Donald Trump won. ReCount Plans within plans? However, the added threat is that the US is also in a panic because they are going through the final stages of economic collapse. Here are five of the many ways 3D printing will influence the future. Whether you are a student, business person, service professional or a home maker, current headlines awareness can help you what is going on in the outer world and how it can influence your life. The one non-politically owned news station showcases the opposition opinion of the news networks that are indeed owned.What each device fan perpetually dreams of getting is access to the newest package of a demo version of a replacement unleash.

As far as other social networks go, the creators are not offering their subscribers mass communication either. The common man in India is an active participant of democracy today and hence the latest news regarding all national affairs are keenly followed by him. Thanks to the low prices and reliable technology, 3D printers are becoming common in small businesses, schools, and even homes. I don’t like Facebook because it is highly censored and will get even worse in the coming weeks and months. Ever have a Facebook moment? Numerous the occasions many people don’t invest a solitary moment to see, pay attention or even view this news. If Trump does not bow to the US establishments dictates, he will pay the price…the severity of that price will depend on Donald Trump himself. Unless I bow to extortion, and pay them from my bank. However, they also carry a variety of templates, including three free Christmas newsletter templates that could be used as free church newsletters templates for Microsoft Word. However, as politically untested as Donald Trump is, those behind the scenes will do everything in their power to either steer Trump towards their political and economic objectives or they will remove him from power.